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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Wild Orange S View Cover Case

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S View Cover Case Wild Orange





Technical Details:

Compatibility:- -Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (N9000/ N9005)

S View Window
The S View cover is the ideal case for the Note 3 as it has a small window cut out on the front. This means that you only need to glance at your handset to check for updates or to complete basic tasks; no need to waste time opening the cover and unlocking the device.

Some of the tasks that you can carry out through the S View window include:

Answer or reject incoming calls
Check the time and weather
Control music playback
Access the status bar
Launch apps
The S Pen stylus can also be used through the S View Window and you can use it with compatible applications such as S Note.

Change the colour
For the style conscious, the Note 3 will also customise the colour of the screen behind the S View window. It can automatically detect the colour of the S View Cover on your device and adjust the screen colour accordingly. You can of course adjust the colour yourself if desired.

Stylish, lightweight Design
The S View cover has been through several evolutions now but it maintains its famous lightweight design for its Note 3 rendition.

Note 3 S View cover adds minimum bulk. It attaches to the handset by replacing the back cover and then folding over to protect the screen on the front.

This official case is manufactured from synthetic leather materials and contributes further to the slick, professional look of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It's robust enough to suitably protect your device, yet it still manages to offer quick access to the handset without adding too much to the overall weight. Ideal.

Reasons to buy Note 3 S View Cover
Official Samsung product for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Made of synthetic leather to match the Note 3 design
Lightweight design adds minimum bulk
Quick access to updates and basis actions
Compatible for use with the S Pen stylus
Sturdy protection for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3


Wild Orange


Note 3 S-View Cover at IFA2013



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